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Product Name: Water-making Leggings
Specification: 60*24CM (pictured)
Material: 3.5MM neoprene + nylon cloth
Weight: 123G
Color: red, black
Packing: PP bag

Selling point:
1. Using the preferred material, 3.5MM neoprene rubber + nylon cloth material, moderate elasticity, comfortable feeling.
2. Double bag design, front double bag, can be inserted at the same time large diving knife and sharpening rod or diving scissors and other items.
3. Double-sided nylon button, there are 2 double-sided nylon button above the front knife pocket, the knife cover can be fixed through the knife cover strap hole.
4. The adjustable leggings can be tied to the thigh or the leg, usually the knife sleeve is tied to the calf.
5. The head of the leggings webbing is equipped with a D-ring to facilitate lifting the webbing.